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 Bethel Athletic Association Coaching Requirements

I. Requirements:

1. Everyone who volunteers to coach will be required to have a background check performed. This check will be performed by an outside company through the Cabarrus County Parks and Recreation Dept. Background Screening Form.

2. Anyone who does not pass the background check or refuses to take the background check will not be allowed to coach at Bethel.

3. All coaches must attend a coaches meeting prior to the start of each sport season.

II. Responsibilities:

1. To make sure each child is taught the skills of the game, enjoys participating on team @ Bethel and participates fairly as stated in the Cabarrus County guidelines.

2. To have a positive attitude toward players, parents, officials and other coaches at all times. This includes all practices and games at Bethel or any other host site.

3. You should be in control of yourself, team and your team’s parents and supporters.

4. The head coach or an approved assistant coach must attend all scheduled practices and games.

5. Each head coach will be held responsible for all issued equipment.

6. Coaches need to have a good understanding of the rules of the game and the game in general.

7. Each coach will need to make sure fields are equipped to play, which includes water coolers and cups at each bench , trash is picked up around fields at conclusion of games and trash cans emptied if needed.

8. Each coach must have a team mom or dad that will assist in filling volunteers to work the concession stand on Team nights.

III. Disciplinary Actions:

1. The presence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated at any BAA event.

THIS IS THE COACHES WARNING, any violators will be removed as coach immediately.

2. Cursing at participants is not permitted and will result in suspension for a reasonable time decided on by the BAA board of directors.

3. Any coach not following Cabarrus County mandated guidelines may be suspended as a coach at Bethel.

4. Any problem situations that may come up during the season, will be reviewed by BAA board of directors. If necessary, fair discipline actions will be taken.

These requirements are in the best interest of the kids in our community to insure a Safe and Enjoyable place to participate in youth athletics.

Background-Check Form