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Bethel Athletics Association

Welcome to BAA!

Bethel Athletics Association is a community program dedicated to providing children of any skill level with a fun and engaging youth baseball/softball experience. Our league offers the opportunity for children to build friendships, develop their skill levels and just have fun! Our program includes divisions for children ages 3 to 15. During a season each team practices on-field fundamentals and enjoys the excitement of playing games in a competitive environment with teams around Cabarrus County.

We strive to teach our children the importance of good sportsmanship and to be respectful not only to our teammates and coaches but to outside teams as well as our officials. Our goal is to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for all to enjoy!

General Board and 2020-21 Winter Sports Update

I hope this communication finds you well. This message is a status update and a call to action.

First, on behalf of the Board, I want to thank each and every one of you. For those who have continued to support our Association, thank you for your consistent help in what we are doing for the community of Midland. For those offering vocal critiques, thank you for keeping us to task and helping us to be creative in improving our processes and offerings. And, most importantly, for those who have entrusted us to provide services for your family, thank you for the confidence you have shown in our goals and initiatives.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is far reaching, and our Association has not escaped its reach. As you may be aware, our ability to host activities is subject to the availability of our normal facilities at Bethel Elementary and C.C. Griffin Middle Schools; such access is under the control of Cabarrus County Schools and the Active Living and Parks Department. We have been working with both entities to ensure understanding of when we may resume activities at something close to normal. With this in mind, along with the continuing impact of the pandemic and the need to give clear direction to our families, we made the decision not to host fall sports directly through the Association.

Active Parks and Living has advised a decision on the ability to conduct winter sports would be addressed no later than November 1st with Cabarrus County Schools and would account for the current climate and the safe ability to host activities at the designated facilities. To ensure we are prepared for any decision permitting us to proceed, we will be opening registration for winter sports within the next few days. For administrative ease in the event a season will not take place, we will be conducting registration without the need for payment, and will set a date for fee collection more closely to the traditional parents’ meeting/team draft time. While this is not ideal, and while I do understand this may raise questions, I want to reiterate this decision is being done to give the Association the best chance to host winter sports if cleared by all to do so.

And now our call to action. As has been reiterated sufficiently in the past, the success of this Association is wholly dependent upon the involvement of volunteers who are willing to give their time, effort and energy to address the many needs of the work of hosting youth athletics. The pandemic has multiplied this need more than expected. We are seeking more information as to how our sports may look upon a return, but I would imagine additional volunteers would be needed to ensure proper controls in our indoor spaces. I would also ask for each family to continue to show understanding and support for whatever solutions and/or instructions are given. While we all may have differences of opinions as to the proper actions to be taken in other areas of society, I hope we can all be of one accord with respect to the actions best served to permit our children the opportunity to play sports.

Feel free to contact the Board directly with any questions. We certainly hope you can continue to operate safely and responsibly as we all work towards the collective goal of joining together very soon for sports.